About Us

"Egyptian Engineers factory"

was established in 2004-at Sadat City-Governorate of Monofya.

- 2008 the date of production.

The factory had a very good and enough machines and it was prepared to be in the lead between other granite factories in Egypt by time. The factory management had achieved a great success in that because of the leading position of our factory now, it is one of two or three leading factories in Egypt in producing granite (good and in high amounts.

- The big projects that our factory covered their needs is an important evidence on our success, these different big projects are varying from hospitals, schools, Courts, hotels, museums, public and private constructions.

We did hundreds of these projects and that had made a good reputation for our factory in all constructing companies all over Egypt.

Egyptian Engineers factory has exported so many times to several countries like: Libya, Sudan, Algeria, Jordon and Russia.  

Our Mission 

- The productive capacity of the factory is about 20000 to 25000 m² monthly (from twenty to twenty five thousands of produced granite or half produced slabs of granite, tiles, stairs, walls as a perfect product).

Egyptians Engineers Co Objectives

 The productive capacity is intended to be about 45000 m² monthly by the end of 2016 and after expansions 

 To be the biggest factory in Egypt in producing granite because of the productive capacity, which will be about 500000 m² for every year.

Our Team 

 The company is producing all kinds of granite in its different thick and batch  processing in a way that covers all market needs and that for floorings, stairs, walls, bathrooms, kitchen counters and all other claddings. And for thickness, the company has all machines which make it able to produce any thickness even from 1 cm. Also for processing, the company has the machines which make it able to produce polished and half polished granite, raw, rung, hond…..etc.    

"Our Certificates" 

 The company has the certificate of (Iso 9001) for a quality management system.

 The company has the certificate of (18001) for Health and safety management system.


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